Glendale Real Estate- Architectural Styles of Glendale Homes


Many of us living in the Valley of the Sun are transplants from other parts of the country.  If you have come from back east or the mid-west homes here are very different from these areas.  It is quite a culture shock to move from say the east coast to the southwest.  In the newer areas of town you will find that most homes are very similar in design and color, whereas in other parts of the country you can drive down a street and every house is quite different in style. 

Glendale Real Estate has the most common style architecture that you will find throughout the valley.  Many of the homes built in this area have 3 different styles that you will commonly see.  The first of which is not as common but still around, the Santa Fe style home.  This is that pueblo style look that has that very square design.  Often times you will find rustic wooden beams to give the home decorative touches.  Most pueblo style homes are one story as they have that flat roof design.  The homes with the pueblo style are quite unique to what is currently the trend being built now a days.

The current trend in homes is the Santa Barbara or Tuscan style home.  Many of the homes that are newer, built in the past 7-10 years have this style.  The typical design features you will see with this is the arched doorways, tile roofs, and pitched roofs that lend to the open floor plans that are so popular now.  They can be single story or two story homes. Tuscan style homes have also added a popular front courtyard feature that homeowners really seem to enjoy.  Lots of decorative stone work may adorn the front of the home too.

In the older sections of Phoenix, you may find the ranch style home.  It is not so common to see this type of home in the Glendale Real Estate area unless it was in an older part of town.  These homes are all single level homes and can look quite different from the current Tuscan look; they actually look more like a home you may find back east.

Whatever your style of home you are sure to find one that will suit you and your family’s needs.  Of course you always have the option of finding a lot and building the home of your dreams with your own unique design.

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