We designed our marketing plan for you based on several different factors: Studies from the National Association of Realtors, years of successful and unsuccessful marketing plans, feedback from our peers, success of our own and other realtors and home owners.

Understanding Realtor Marketing: There is three types of realtor marketing.

  • Realtor marketing to get listings in an area
  • Realtor marketing a home to sell the home
  • Realtor marketing to find buyer in a specific area

Two benefit the seller selling the home, one benefits the realtor. Ask us what type of advertising below targets either buyers or sellers

Past Marketing Efforts

  • Newspaper ads
  • Magazines ads such as: Homes and Land, Airport News and others
  • Open houses
  • Web marketing
  • HOA publications
  • Community events
  • Neighborhood specific marketing campaigns
  • Realtor tours
  • Direct realtor marketing & communication
  • Realtor reputation