Looking for a Great Breakfast Spot?

Looking for a Great Breakfast Spot?

If you live on the west side of town in the Glendale, North Phoenix or North Peoria area I am sure you have found yourself on a Sunday morning looking for a breakfast place that isn’t a hike to get to.  Well, it has arrived!  The Good Egg has opened a location on Happy Valley Road and 39th Avenue.

The Good Egg has been around in the Phoenix and Tucson area since 1983 and has become a favorite breakfast spot for locals and tourists.  This casual, family friendly place is a welcomed change from places like IHOP or Cracker Barrel ( which are both great too, but been there done that).  The new location is in a great spot for folks living in the Stetson Hills, Arrowhead, Terramar and Sonoran Mountain neighborhoods as it is just minutes away.

The Good Egg has all your traditional breakfast options like pancakes and french toast, eggs and omelet, but what sets this restaurant apart from other places is the variety of dishes.  The options for omelets can range from make your own or things like Bleu and Brie or La Vida Loca and Caprese.  They have skillet breakfasts which are potatoes, eggs with your choice of various things like bacon, mushrooms, ham, spinach etc, with melted cheese and an english muffin or toast….this one will really fill you up!

They have lighter options for those watching their waist lines too.  Greek yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, fruit, egg white omelets and fruit smoothies.  What is great is that all the menu items now have the calories listed ( or this could be bad depending if you wanted to know that info….not sure I will get the french toast now that I know!).  They do also have sandwiches and salads as they are open through lunchtime.

They also have a program that they offer where you get a card and each time you eat there you get it stamped.  Some days are double stamp day (check with your location) and once you get 6 stamps your next meal is free.  Makes you want to continue coming back to earn your free breakfast.

The new location is great, nicely decorated inside, roomy and offers patio seating as well.  Food was as delicious as always and it was just a 5 minute drive from home! Some folks living in Stetson Hills could even ride their bikes over it’s that close.  So next time you find yourself waking up and not wanting a cold bowl of cereal head on over and have a nice, freshly made omelet and hot cup of coffee (they even offer a coffee flavor of the day).  You’ll leave feeling full and ready to sit on the couch watching football and reading the paper.

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