6 Expert Packing Tips for Your Big Move

6 Expert Packing Tips for Your Big Move

It may seem like a daunting task, packing to move into a new home, but if you take a few minutes to do a few crucial things before you begin it may make your move go smoothly.

1.  First off you will want to make a list.  If you write things down you won’t forget things.  For example you may want to make a packing list.  So for every box you pack you will have the box numbered with the contents listed clearly on the box.  This will help not only you but the movers as well. If items are clearly labeled kitchen then the movers won’t put that box in a bedroom.  You will also know exactly what is in the box when you go to look for that coffee cup the morning you wake up in your new home.

2.  Have a place in your home that is designated “packing central”.  All your moving information and needs like labels, box tape, markers etc. should always be kept in the same location so you know that is where everything is during the moving process.

3.  Gather all your supplies.  You will need lots of boxes (obviously) and always get more than you think you’ll need.  You will use them, and if not just recycle them.  The day of the move you always have last minute items like bedding or clothing that you will need to pack.  You will also want to get lots of packing tape and bubble wrap, and try not to use newspaper on items that can not be washed, you don’t want the ink to get on items that are important.

4.  Wardrobe boxes are very handy.  They can take all the items from your closet and transport them easily to your new home without worrying about being all creased when you get there.  You can also fill the bottom of these boxes with shoes and purses and then cover the clothing with dry cleaning bags to keep from getting dirty.

5.  You can color coordinate your boxes.  For example anything with yellow on the box is for the kitchen and red marked boxes are for the master bedroom.  You can then place a color sticker on the doorway at the new home that matches the ones on your boxes so the movers will know where each box is to go.

6.  Give yourself plenty of time to pack.  Do a little bit at a time and you won’t feel so overwhelmed and stressed out that it needs to get done quickly.  This is also a good time to clean out your closets and cabinets of items you no longer need or want.  You can make a big trip to a local Salvation Army or charity in your area that can use your household items or clothes.  You may even find that furniture you have at your place now will not fit in your new home or is no longer the style you want.  This can be one less thing to have loaded on your moving truck.

Moving is a hassle and no one really enjoys it but with any luck you are moving into the home of your dreams and this will be the last move you make for a long time!

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