All You Ever Need to Know About a Green Home by Elise

It’s Sept. in Arizona, the kids are settled into school and even though the weather is still a bit more hot and humid than I would like, I can’t help but get a sense that “Fall is in the Air”. With cooler weather just around the corner my thoughts turn to my home and all the projects that I would like to do around the house as we get ready to really enjoy the great outdoors in Arizona.

I was going to write about the 5 Must Do Projects for September according to Bob Vila but for most of us who live in Arizona, we don’t really need to winterize our home in the same way that most of the country does as they head into cold and perhaps nasty weather. We will be opening our doors, planting in our garden and turning off our overworked AC units. So instead I think I will look towards making my home more energy efficient.

I have seen a growing interest in green energy. There has been a lot of talk over the past few years about Green Energy but with the housing market in turmoil over the past 4 years, that was not on the forefront for many homeowners or Realtors. Now the market is changing and homeowner’s thoughts about home improvements are leaning towards Energy Efficiency. Heck even HOA’s don’t have an issue with solar panels on the roofs of homes!

James Ball, Chair of the Residential Committee of the US Green Building Council Arizona Chapter says “Energy efficiency will always be a second tier of consideration, behind price, location and floor plan, But we can change the conversation by talking not just about price but about affordability. What is the long-term cost of living in, operating and maintaining a home?”

Most of the conversations Realtors have with buyers revolve around Principle, Interest, Taxes and Insurance (PITI) but what if we added Energy Costs? That might change the way we think when buying or selling a home. New Low E windows, High Seer Rated AC units, upgraded insulation and duct work are just a few of the details that existing homeowners should take a look at to reduce their energy costs. Aside from Solar Panels there are solar hot water heaters, variable speed pool pumps and a landscaping smart timer that can detect rainfall!

I have heard that Utility companies offer discounted energy audits to their customers. So aside from adding color to my garden and dusting off my back patio I will also turn my attention towards making my home more efficient…perhaps just in time for next year’s heat wave! Will you add that to your list as well?

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