Earthquakes, Mud Slides, Hurricanes or Haboobs?

The US Census Bureau just released some interesting figures for 2011. Arizona has seen a net increase in the number of people moving into the state. Don’t get me wrong, people do leave the Valley of the Sun. Check out this chart…there are some surprising stats here.

Arizona Census Bureau FiguresThere are certain states like CA, CO, UT, NM that typically see a migration between Arizona and of course people from colder climates in the mid-west are attracted to our fantastic winter weather. Check out the numbers for Florida. Over 8,000 people left Arizona for the sandy beaches of Florida. In the past we have not seen that type of migration into Florida.  What will the numbers show for 2012?  Our stronger housing numbers for 2012 may be an indication that the net influx into Arizona has increased.  Watch out 2013…here we come!

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