Why Should You Use a Realtor When Buying a Home?

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Why do you need a realtor if the Internet shows you all of the homes for sale?  There are three major reasons why using a realtor to look for and buy your home will serve you better than going the DIY route.

  1. While the numerous property listing websites on the Internet may seem like you can find your dream home on your own, I have access to even more listings that are available on sites such as Trulia and Zillow.  While these sites do have many listings, they can, and often do, fall behind in real-time listing status updates.  They also may not contain accurate information.  A professional listing search on MLS (multiple listing service) will reveal homes with a “coming soon” status that realtors are only able to discover.  Clients who are working with me can act quickly when these homes do go live, and getting a jump on the competition may pay dividends when it comes to what we offer for the property.
  1. A realtor is also experienced in geographical areas, and can recommend areas you may not have otherwise considered.  Simply put, I can analyze your home buying criteria and can point you in directions that may work better for you in the long run.  Moreover, I have an extensive professional network of other agents, and I can access their knowledge about certain areas, thereby sharing this “insider” information with you as a buyer.
  1. Finally, a knowledgeable realtor will be well-versed in the comparables (or “comps”) in your targeted neighborhoods.  These comps are not easy to access for non-realtors, and comps on some of the public websites may not be accurate.  Certain upgrades or features may not be a better buy for your money, necessarily, I can help you to analyze the listing price in conjunction with the prices of other homes in the market.  Finally, once you are in the home of your dreams, I will be a helpful resource to help you determine which upgrades you should make to the home with an eye to a higher resale value down the line.

I look forward to working with you in your home search!

Arrowhead Ranch Real Estate Report

Another yeElise Fayar has come and gone. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I sincerely wish you and your loved ones a healthy and happy 2016! So what happened in 2015?

Here are some market stats:

  • 84,171 homes sold in 2015. 10% increase over 2014
  • Approx 2.8 mos of inventory. At this time we have about 20,556 homes for sale. On average we sell about 7000 homes/month.
  • Just as we predicted prices rose about 6.7% for 2015
  • Over 100,000 people have moved to Arizona this past year.


Another indicator of a strong housing market is seen in the number of “new builds” in our area. A small explosion is taking place in N. Peoria along Deer Valley Rd & the Lake Pleasant Corridor.

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Elise Fay

Elise Fay, REALTOR®

We are 4 full years past the bottom of the real estate market and for the most part we have recovered. There is lower than average inventory of homes (still some folks cannot sell yet), prices are up, demand is strong, people are relocating, others are downsizing, upsizing or just looking for a change of scenery. What remains true is “fixed up houses sell for more money in a shorter amount of time”. Our exclusive stager can help you maximize your $$$. *Call me for a special “New Build” Home Tour and ask about my buyer incentive plan when you take me on your first visit.


Arrowhead Sold Homes – Dec 2015

Sold Address   Built Features Price
12/2/2015 5315 W. Mohawk Dr    1996 63FRDXPO3G3S $535,000
12/4/2015 6515 W. Louise Dr    1994 32FRDX3G $300,000
12/18/2015 6177 W. Pontiac Dr    1995 32R2G2S $215,000
12/15/2015 20262 N. 61st Ave    1992 32FRDPS2G $278,000
12/15/2015 22014 N. 59th Ln    1994 54FRDXP3G3S $396,250
12/23/2015 5926 W. Louise Dr    1994 43.5RPSO3G2S $375,000
12/24/2015 6551 W Lone Cactus    1992 42.5FRDXPSO3G3S $386,500
12/29/2015 5958 W Fieldstone    1994 42FRO2G3S $279,000
12/30/2015 21624 N. 59th Dr    1994 32FRDO3G6S $297,000
12/30/2015 21508 N 65th Ave    1993 42.5RDP3G $389,500
12/30/2015 20739 N. 56th Ave    1994 42.5FRDX3G $400,000
12/30/2015 5568 W Rose Garden    1995 42.5FRDXP3G $410,000

Cactus League Spring Training 2016

640_CactusCapsIt’s that time of year…the busiest tourist time in the Valley…time for Cactus League spring training 2016.

Every March, Arizona welcomes baseball fans from around the country. People come to watch baseball and soak up the AZ sun, often escaping cold temperatures and sometimes snow at home. Phoenicians experience more traffic, see hotel pricing spike and have a tougher time making restaurant reservations. Spring training brings thousands of people and millions of dollars to the Valley. Spring training baseball has become a driving force in Arizona’s economy according to a pair of studies released today by Governor Doug Ducey and members of the non-profit Cactus League Baseball Association. The studies, conducted earlier this year, estimate spring training teams and the ballparks they play in now annually generate more than $809 million in economic impact for the state. Included in that number is more than $544 million that results from out-of-state Cactus League fans attending games at ten Phoenix area ballparks. Year-round athletic and non-athletic events and baseball team spending at the ballpark facilities and in the host communities is credited with generating the remaining $265 million included in the total.

So, what’s the excitement all about?

Of course, for tourists, weather is a draw with typical March temperatures in the 80s. Recognized worldwide for its broad range of outdoor recreational opportunities such as golf, biking and hiking, Greater Phoenix provides more than 300 days of sunshine each year. Pair that with the beauty of the Sonoran Desert and you have a perfect setting to experience spring ball. With games in GlendaleGoodyearMesaPeoriaPhoenixScottsdaleSurprise and Tempe, the whole Valley sees a boost in tourist dollars. Spring training is a great way for fans to see their favorite teams play at a far less costly ticket price than at the stadium in their hometown. Getting to see the Chicago Cubs or World Champion Kansas City Royals play is a great, family friendly vacation. With tickets starting at just $5 for lawn seating, it gives families a chance to enjoy America’s past time without breaking the bank. And, for those of us fortunate enough to live in Phoenix? We get to experience all the baseball fun without the cost of a plane ticket or hotel stay…lucky us! Game-goers can also experience fun refreshments at the game. From foodie options like Counsins Maine Lobster at Salt River Fields to hometown favorites including Ohio’s Skyline chili dogs at Goodyear Ballpark, Milwaukee’s fried cheese curds at Maryvale Stadium and Chicago’s deep dish pizza at Sloan Park or Tempe Diablo Stadium’s family friendly approach, allowing fans to bring in their own food, there is sure to be perfect food to pair with a cold beer at any stadium.

Check out the entire Cactus League schedule here and grab your baseball cap and sunscreen and get ready to enjoy some good old fashion baseball and work on your suntan. For more ideas of things to do in Greater Phoenix, contact Elise Fay and Associates.

Environmentally Friendly Home Updates

Easy Luxury Fixes Buyers LoveEnvironmentally friendly features are updates that will only increase the value of your home, whether you are listing your home for sale, or simply seeking to update your current home.   One simple way to go green is to install a digital thermostat.  Digital thermostats are programmable, have no moving parts (thus need no repair), and they increase the efficiency of the energy used to heat and cool your home, which is better for the environment, and your wallet.  Some digital thermostats can even sync with your smartphone!

Motion sensor light switches in all bathrooms and closets are another easy way to update your home while increasing both the efficient use of energy in your home, as well as the value of your home.   Another simple way to go green is to replace your older appliances with energy-efficient versions.  Appliances with the Energy Star certification are 10-50% more efficient on average than traditional appliances.  Energy Star refrigerators, for example, use 40% less energy than refrigerators produced in 2001.  This update will be noted as part of the upgrades in your home when it’s listed for sale.

Low-flow showerheads, faucets and toilets are all easy ways to reduce the amount of water used in everyday life, and are key ways to conserve water here in the desert.  Drinking water is another area where a small investment can pay big dividends for the environment.   Water filtration systems such as reverse-osmosis will greatly reduce reliance on wasteful plastic bottles and containers, and will reduce one’s carbon footprint.  Potential home buyers will see this system as a definite plus when touring your home.

Finally, whether you are painting your home to prep it for sale, or freshening up the paint to update your current residence, using low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint is an easy way to reduce the toxicity of your environment.  The EPA has determined that inside air is 3-5 times more toxic than outdoor air, thanks to the toxic compounds in paint and finishes in your home.  Low or no VOC paint is also beneficial for health reasons, and people with allergies or sensitivities to chemicals will also appreciate these paints.

I look forward to helping you determine which of these environmentally friendly updates is a smart way to prepare your home for sale!