Smart Devices For Your Home Worth Purchasing

smart home device photoWho is your home assistant? I know many of you have one like I do. I have Google, and between setting timers and asking her to play bluetooth from my phone, I also can use voice activation to control one of my other smart home devices: the temperature on my Nest thermostat. In hot Phoenix summers, Nest helps me save money with intuitive temperature control when I am in and out of the house. 

Smart thermostats, home assistant speakers and door locks are popular and well-known products. But what about these other connected devices you may not have known existed? 

Smart Plugs

If the sinking realization that you forgot to turn off the coffee pot crosses your mind while you’re at work, never fear – you can switch it off from your phone! Smart plugs are simple: They plug into the wall, your device plugs into the smart plug, and now you’ve got full access to control it from your phone. TVs, lamps, crockpots—it can all be controlled remotely. 

Smart Lightswitch

You may have heard of the lightbulbs you can control color and intensity of with your voice, but what about the lightswitch you can talk to? Smart lightswitches are wired into your existing switch configuration and allow you to set nightlight settings, responsive times to turn on and off, and integration with Alexa voice activation, all from your phone. 

Smart Vacuums

Robot vacuums just got a lot more intelligent. Top-tier models not connect with your home assistant and will run a scan of your house so you can edit a map of the areas you want it to go. Now vacuuming can be as simple as lifting a finger (literally): If you have an Apple Watch, you can set it up so all you need to do is tap to start the device in your home. 

Smart Scales 

Smart scales do way more than just read back a number – to help users more effectively monitor and track their weight and health, they report proportions of fat, muscle mass and other metrics straight to your phone. If you wear Fitbit, there’s even a special scale that connects with your tracker. 

Smart homes are increasing in popularity as people are more willing to invest in homes and devices that save time and money.  Let me know what type of home YOU are looking for.



Peoria’s Fresh New Restaurants – COMING SOON!

83 marketplace rendering image

83 MARKETPLACE, 83rd Avenue & Happy Valley Road

If you drive out to North Peoria, specifically the intersection of 83rd Ave and Happy Valley Road, you won’t find much—for now. But for all of you living or considering a home out in Peoria or the northwest valley, I was so excited to hear about the transformation that’s happening on that corner of land! Construction is already underway on 83 Marketplace, a retail plaza with a promising new lineup of restaurants. 

Here’s the scoop on the newest culinary concepts announced in the space. Deem Proper will offer globally-inspired fare in contemporary, yet comfortable digs. Their beer and wine menu invites patrons to try locally crafted Arizona favorites, plus cocktails that rotate seasonally.  

S & V Urban Italian is also joining 83 Marketplace and already operates a location in Scottsdale, where exceptional Italian with a modern twist is their pride and joy. They’ll be serving up wood-fired pizzas and signature fresh fruit martinis in a laid-back atmosphere. 

A new concept in upscale, upbeat Mexican food is AVENIDA Modern Mexican. The restaurant will tap into top local businesses for ingredients, and offer fresh and eclectic takes on Mexican favorites: handmade tortillas, seafood, hand-crafted margaritas and tequilas among them. 

Our neighbors up north are gracing us with Bagels on Fire, a Toronto-based bagel company with a fiery old-fashioned technique. They boil their fresh bagels in honey water, then fire them in a brick oven (and yep, you can watch!). 

The 83 Marketplace tenants are the efforts of the developer (MDC Land Development) and the community to bring upscale dining options to the area. For area residents and visitors, the plaza will offer plenty of open space for indoor and outdoor dining and shopping. This exciting project isn’t the only one in the works, either; just across the street, the Trailhead project is underway with a Safeway and more community amenities. 

It’s a hot time to be in the surrounding neighborhoods as projects like these develop making this a desirable community to live in – thousands of new homes are expected to be built in this area in the next few years!