How Well Do You Know Arizona?


How Well Do You Know Arizona?


How well do you know Arizona? Test your knowledge with these fun trivia questions:

Did you know the state seal of Arizona has 5 “C”s on it?  What do they stand for? Climate, Cotton, Copper, Cattle and Citrus. In the early years of the State, these industries were important to Arizona’s economy.

Speaking of cooper, did you know that the amount of cooper on the roof of the Capitol Building in Phoenix is equivalent to 4,800,000 pennies?

Did you know the Grand Canyon is 227 miles long, 1 mile deep, and has an average width of 10 miles?

Did you know that it takes 50-100 years before a Saguaro Cactus grows an “arm?”

Did you know if you cut down a cactus you can face a felony criminal damage charge?

Did you know that mail going to Supai, below the south rim of the Grand Canyon is still done by mule train?  It makes 8 mile, three to five hour trips five days a week and carries about a ton of mail including supplies.

Did you know that the original London Bridge was shipped stone by stone to Lake Havasu City in Arizona and reconstructed? This gives new meaning to the song London Bridges!

Did you know that in World War II, Navajos were enlisted as secret agents, enemies could never figure out the Navajo language so our military secrets were kept safe?

Did you know there are 13 other states that have a city named Phoenix?
They are Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, and Texas.

Did you know the sun shines in southern Arizona 85% of the time, which is considerably more sunshine than Florida or Hawaii.

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