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Arrowhead Ranch Phase III CC&R’s.  I know that is a mouthful. CC&Rs stand for “Covenant, Conditions & Restrictions”, a list of all those rules that govern what we can and cannot do as a homeowner. It also contains those rules that the HOA governing board needs to follow as well.  After all we are paying our quarterly dues.

Well I am here to demystify a few things for you. For example, do you know what the HOA Transfer and Disclosure Fees are for Arrowhead Ranch Phase III?  I know you are thinking why do I care?  Whether you are planning on buying or selling a home in Arrowhead Ranch, these figures become an important part of your contract negotiations.  In some communities, these figures can be quite high, so keep ahead of the competition.

So what are the different types of fees for Arrowhead Ranch HOA Phase III and how much are they? First of all Elite Community Management, manages the HOA, among many others in the Valley. Here is a breakdown of those fees as of the date of this article.

UPDATED AS OF 6/2013. Transfer fees to Elite have gone up $100 to $200!

Here is what a typical demand statement looks like from the HOA when selling your home (assuming all dues are current)Arrowhead HOA Demand Letter

$160.00     Elite Processing Fees

$100.00      Transfer Fees to Elite

$100.00       Transfer Fee to Arrowhead Ranch Phase III

$39.00         CondoCerts Service Fees Bank Company that handles these transactions

$130.00       Quarterly HOA dues for Arrowhead Ranch Phase III

Arrowhead Ranch HOA Phase III has an excellent website you can reference in case you have any questions. Check back here often for more news and updates on your HOA.

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  1. Lori Williams
    Lori Williams says:

    Hi Elise
    We are looking at a phase 1 arrowhead ranch home.
    Listed community amenities are “golf course” which I assume means arrowhead country club.
    We dont play golf or even tennis but absolutely want the fitness and social amenities of the country club. How does owning in the community relate to country club fees- if at all, and what are they? And are they are in addition to HOA fees?


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