Are Home Warranties Worth It?

As a home buyer or home seller, you may have wondered whether a home warranty is worth the cost?  Homeowners insurance protects your home against unforeseen accidents or damage.  A home warranty, on the other hand, is a supplement to this insurance.  Simply put, a home warranty is a convenience program that covers normal wear and tear on the major electrical and mechanical systems in a home, typically for a one-year period.

Glendale Real Esatate photoSo, your home’s ventilation, heating and air-conditioning, plumbing, water heater and kitchen appliances are typically covered by a home warranty.  Home warranties have become more popular in the past decade or so, with the advent of foreclosures and short sales, as these properties often haven’t been well-maintained.  However, be sure to read the fine print on any home warranty.  Be sure to note what exactly is covered and what isn’t.

Another wrinkle with home warranty plans is that they don’t offer quick fixes to any problems that are discovered within the home.  Home warranties are not the same as emergency home service contracts, where the homeowner can make a phone call and have the problem diagnosed and fixed within the same day.  Instead, with a home warranty, the homeowner will have to file a claim, and the home warranty company will choose a local service contractor to diagnose the problem for a service fee, which isn’t covered by the warranty.  Then, the claim must be approved by the company.

While a home warranty can be a nice back-up plan, it’s critical that any homeowner identify any necessary repairs during the home inspection period.  The home inspection will typically uncover any major issues with the maintenance of the home, and will set a precedent for regular service of the major mechanical services.  For example, some home warranty companies won’t cover an air-conditioner that hasn’t been serviced in a past set number of months.  Therefore, having this done during the home inspection negotiation period will help to set up a seamless transition to the home warranty service period.   Home warranties in Arizona average around $400-500 depending on the type of home (condos/townhomes typically are on the lower end of this spectrum).

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Dining Accompanied by Live Music

A fun date night out to consider is visiting a dining establishment that also offers live music for its patrons.  Here in the Valley of the Sun we have several fun options to check out.  For those who live or want to venture out west, consider dining at the Wigwam’s restaurants.  At Red’s Bar & Grill, for example, acts perform from 6-9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays.  Acts have included singer-songwriter Joey Hendricks (of “American Idol”) and True to Life Duo.  At Litchfield’s, enjoy the music of pianist Bob Dudley and pianist-guitarist Jay Soto, who perform from 6-9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.  Finally, the Wigwam Bar features live music from 7-10 pm Thursdays through Saturdays.

Glendale's WestgateStill on the west side of the Valley, is Padre Murphy’s, located at 4338 W. Bell Road.  The Emmy-winning trumpeter Jesse McGuire entertains diners every Tuesday from 5-8 pm.  On Fridays and Saturdays from 8-10 pm, various groups such as Rick Lenzi & Roustabout and the NoBody-BIG Band perform for restaurant goers.  Those in Chandler and Gilbert may want to check out Cuisine and Wine Bistro (1422 W. Warner Road in Gilbert; 4991 S. Alma School Road in Chandler) where there is a deep lineup of musicians from Janelle Loes, Hannah Lopez, Aaron Church, Josh West and others who perform for diners on stage from 7-10 pm Fridays and 6-9 Saturdays.

Also in Chandler is Vintage 95, located at 95 W. Boston St, where acoustic guitarists such as Sarah Vanell, Michael Land, Mike Eldred, and Elijah Mark Atkison perform from 7-10 pm every Wednesday through Saturday.  In Phoenix, venture to Gertude’s (in the Desert Botanical Garden) where diners enjoy live acoustic music 10 am – 2 pm Saturdays and Sundays.  In Arcadia, diners at the Sip Coffee & Beer Garage enjoy acoustic singer-songwriters from 8-11 pm Fridays, 11 am- 2 pm and 8-11 pm on Saturdays and then during brunch (11 am-2 pm) on Sundays.

Finally, in the Scottsdale area, one dining establishment that offers a variety of genres from country to classic rock to hip hop is BLK Live.  This 20,000-square foot venue offers dining and live music from 8 pm – 2 am Wednesdays through Saturdays, at 7301 E. Butherus Drive.  In North Scottsdale, the Herb Box at DC Ranch, located at 20707 N. Pima Road, showcases live music from 7-10 pm Fridays and Saturdays and from 11 am-2 pm during brunch on Sunday.  This restaurant features 20 different bands and musicians, including Sugar Thieves, Adam Simons, Sydney Sprague and Kyle Sorrell.

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