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Creating a Garden for Privacy

green backyard photoAre you looking for a great way to create some privacy for your home without necessarily having to completely fence off your yard? Do you want to build up some privacy in the front yard instead of just in the back? There are a lot of different reasons you might be looking for a little more privacy in your home, but no matter what your motivation may be, a garden is a great way to accomplish this. Check out our tips for creating a privacy garden in your yard easily.

Buy Big Plants—But Not Too Big:  Don’t waste money buying little plants that are going to take years to get big enough to make any difference in terms of privacy. On the other hand, don’t buy something that’s already so large that any growth at all is going to cause it to get too out of hand for you to manage. Take some time measuring the space you want to seclude, and be sure you choose plants of the right size and width to take up this area without going overboard.

Layer Heights:  Remember that you aren’t necessarily only thinking about coverage at eye level. If you want a truly private garden, you’ll need to consider layers of plant height to get complete seclusion. This doesn’t mean you need to rush out and purchase 12-foot shrubs to surround your yard, but you should think about adding a couple of small trees or tall bushes to help “fence off” the area you’re wanting to keep private.

Prune Perfectly:  Keeping your garden pruned perfectly is the best way to ensure that your privacy doesn’t suffer. If you let your plants get out of hand, you’ll be less likely to want to put in the work it takes to get them back into shape again. And if they get too long and spindly, you may not have enough privacy anymore. A little regular pruning goes a very long way!

Create Focal Points:  If you can’t afford to put in tons of plants or don’t feel like you can keep up with a lot of them at once, you can always create focal points to draw attention away from areas that may be a little less private than others. Put in a bright and colorful plant or flowering bush to accomplish this with little effort.

Think About Maintenance Needs:  Last but not least, think hard about how much work you’ll want to put into your privacy garden before you plant anything. If you love gardening and enjoy spending your weekends outdoors tending to plants, then you should have no trouble working with lots of them in your yard. However, if you prefer minimal plant maintenance, be sure you don’t choose too many plants, and pick those that are hardy enough to handle it if you forget to water them once or twice.

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