November Market Update where Expertise & Experience Matters

November Market Update where Expertise & Experience Matters

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As an agent having gone through up and down markets over my 20 year career. I am excited we are back in a marketplace where EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE MATTERS.

These are always the times I find the most joy in being able to help my clients navigate a TRANSITIONING MARKET.

What commonly happens in markets like this is that people FREEZE. This is when opportunities are there and then when people start to UNFREEZE , that is when opportunities are gone and they kick themselves for not taking advantage of it 3 months ago.

That is what we are seeing right now, there are not as many buyers out there and there are more listings and everyone I talk to wants to wait until March or April in order to “SEE WHAT HAPPENS”…

Lets say that interest rates come down a bit in March or April, then where are we at?—back to February so why didn’t you buy in Feb? Because you did not want to overpay for a house that you did not really want. Now you have the ability to choose the house that you want but not able to pull the trigger so you can’t have them both and


The real estate market is still rosy! 🌹🏡⁣

Here’s a quick market update with great news for home buyers!