Terramar Homes for Sale-Terramar Elementary School

Terramar Homes for Sale-Terramar Elementary School


Terramar Elementary, home of the Titans is located in the Glendale Homes for Sale  area of Terramar Homes for Sale and is a K-8 grade school. It opened in 2003.  It has a focused learning program in the Academy of Arts.  This specialized curriculum integrates arts instruction with academics, exposing children to the Orff/Kodaly music instruction and Pangrazi rhythmic movement strategies. 

The Orff Method teaches kids about music in way that will incorporate learning through the use of music, singing, instruments and acting.  Lessons are often presented with a way for the student to play while learning and each student is encouraged to learn at their own pace.  Kodaly is a philosophy that the earlier you incorporate music into a child’s learning environment that all children will have the capacity to become musically literate. 

 Of course Terramar Homes for Sale offers the core academics to succeed in life like math, science, reading, writing and social studies.  They also offer the extra-curricular activities such as volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball and spiritline as well as band, choir and student council.  Terramar is headed by Principal Jenna Moffitt. The school’s mission is “utilizing an arts focused curriculum, we will enhance each child’s sense of belonging, sense of self, and ability to achieve academically. 

 With the focus at Terramar having an art base, the school offers field trips for the older children (6-8 grades) to places like the Getty Museum, Los Angeles Museum of Art and Disney Performing Arts Workshops.  They also bring in guest artists in the field of composing, choreography and dancing for students to meet and observe what they do.  

 Terramar Elementary was recently given an Excelling Legacy performance label and received the “A” achievement profile, this designates an excellence in performance of student achievements and growth.  A feature that definitely was not around when I was a kid is that Terramar offers parents the opportunity to check on their kids grades on line.  You simply log in and can see how your child is doing in school, great for parents, maybe not so great for some kids!  Technology certainly makes things easier nowadays.

Terramar Homes for Sale is rated as one of Deer Valley School Districts “highly performing” schools and test scores are consistently above the state average.  The school offers a gifted program and before and after school daycare, making those working parents a little less stressed about what to do with their kids when school is over.   Terramar Elementary really does have what it takes to get your children ready for the real world, but for now let’s worry about getting them through to high school!

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