Buying & Selling Homes Simultaneously

Buying & SellingBuying & Selling Homes Simultaneously

Buying and selling homes simultaneously can seem quite daunting and raise many questions, especially regarding timing. When should you list the home you’re selling? At what point should you begin looking for a new home? What happens if you get an offer on the home you’re selling before closing on your new place?

The key to combining your buying and selling processes is timing. Taking the time up front to consider your options and make educated timing decisions will increase the chances that you’ll get to seamlessly move from the old home into the new space. So, how do you make those smart timing decisions?

Find an expert. A good real estate agent is a knowledgeable and reliable expert on buying and selling homes simultaneously.. The agent researches and understands current trends which will help you time your transition to the new house while also getting the most money from the house you’re selling.

Know the Market. A real estate agent is also a great resource to educated you on your local market. The agent uses current market data, the condition of your home, neighborhood comparable homes and other factors to determine a realistic selling price for your listing.

Understand your Finances. As you look at your options, know where you stand financially, how much equity you have in your current home, and how much money you can reasonably use toward the down payment of a new house. Homeowners who have enough equity to sell their existing home and can come up with a down payment for another one are going to have an easier time buying and selling at the same time.  Before the real estate shift in 2008, homeowners often leveraged the equity in their home to open a home equity line of credit (HELOC). They would borrow 95 to 100 percent of the home’s value and then use that money toward the down payment of the new home. This made it really easy to close on a new home and sell the current home quickly. Today however, depreciated home values and strict lending options have made it difficult to open a HELOC. Know that there are many options for those homeowners in all financial categories. Understanding your finances will help when you discuss this process with your agent.

Make Quick Fixes. Price and home condition are the two most important factors that effect the sale of your home. As explored specifically in previous posts, investing money up front to update the yard, repaint the walls or make other small fixes has been proven to significantly increase the likelihood that your home will sell more quickly.

Start Shopping for the new home. If you and your agent agree that listing your home is a good decision for you, it’s time to begin your home search process. If possible, start looking at homes before you put yours on the market so that you have an idea to the timeframe it could take to find the new place based on your search criteria.

When you’re ready, list the home. Putting the home on the market is a careful process that depends largely on how fast you think you will be able to find and close on your new home. The previous step, shopping for the new home, will help make that decision. Keep in mind, if you put the home on the market and the right buyer puts in an offer more quickly than you anticipated, there are contingencies you can add to the contract to give you more time to find your new home.

Buying and selling homes simultaneously has its challenges, but with the help of a solid agent, homeowners make it happen everyday. Elise Fay & Associates would be happy to walk you through some of the buying and selling scenarios or help begin your home search process. Give us a call!

Arrowhead Lakes

Arrowhead Lakes-Fun Facts about The Lakes

Arrowhead Lakes is located in Glendale Arizona. The boundaries of this community are between 51st Ave and 59th Ave, with Melinda Lane on the north side and Beardsley Rd on the south Arrowhead Lakesside. There are 8 different waterways thru this subdivision and four separate lakes, Great Falls , Emerald, Sunset and Shadow Mountain. Spectacular mountain and lake views surround this community making it one of the most desirable subdivisions in Arrowhead Ranch.

The lakes are filled with high grade reclaimed water which is open to residents for Catch and release fishing. These lakes are stocked with several different types of fish, largemouth Bass, Tilapia Bluegill, shad, Chanel cats, koi carp, regular carp. Some residents have commented that this is the best urban fishing in Arizona.

This community was built in 1985. Since then this Lake community has grown into a semi custom, custom and custom gated home subdivision. The square footage of homes in this area range from 1300 to 6700. There are approximately 1033 homesites in Arrowhead Lakes. 42% of homes are single level. Approximately 38% of homes in this subdivision have pools. 75% of homes are on the lakefront.

Each year the residents of Arrowhead Lakes put on a Holiday Lights Boat Parade. Residents decorate their boats with lights…and that is putting it mildly! Many residents have themed boat decorations and deck out their boats with not only lights but inflatables, cut-outs and music. The parade route ends at the block party where residents gather to celebrate the holidays with food and music. It is an annual event that is sure to be on your “must attend” list this year.

Arrowhead Lakes and the surrounding community of Arrowhead Ranch not only has all the conveniences of great shopping, boutiques, and dining nearby but it is also feeds into the best set of schools in North Glendale. Legend Springs Elementary School, Hillcrest Middle School and Mountain Ridge High School have all been rated A+, highly excelling schools, one of the many reasons that makes Arrowhead Lakes one of the most highly sought after areas to live.

Check out the Arrowhead Lakes page for more information.

Arizona’s 1st Veterinary School

Arizona’s 1st Veterinary School

Midwestern University in Glendale will break ground on the state’s first veterinary school. This new facility located at 57th Ave and Utopia, will be directly across from the main campus which includes College of Osteopathic Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences, College of Optometry and College of Dental Medicine. The new school will house a 76,000 square foot academic building, a 50,000 square foot large animal teaching facility and a 100,000 square foot small animal clinical building. Glendale's Midwestern University Campus Read more

Mountain Ridge High School-US Army All Americans

Congratulations to Mountain Ridge Band Students Ellie Wiemeyer and Danny Carrera!

Ellie and Danny  were chosen through national audition as members of the elite Army All-American Marching Band. These kids, from  all over the US are flown in and housed by the US Army to San Antonio and the Alamodome for  the High School Army All-American Football  game on January 5th, 2013.  In the span of one day they will learn and perfect a halftime show that  will be televised at the High School Army All-American Football game.

Ellie and Danny are the ONLY Arizona students selected to this elite group  this year. They are also the fourth and fifth MRHS students recognized with this prestigious honor since the All-American program was started six years ago. Last year Ridge Band seniors Alexandra Brooks and Jamieson Berry proudly represented Mountain Ridge High School as US Army All Americans. Congratulations Ellie and Danny!

Good Glendale Homes For Sale-Mountain Ridge High School

Mountain Ridge High School, part of the Deer Valley Unified School District is located in the Glendale Homes For Sale neighborhood, on 67th Ave just north of Deer Valley Rd.

Ridge was built in 1995 and is the home of the Mountain Lions. This school is headed by Principal Debra Poulson and her amazing staff of educators. MRHS graduates young adults who are prepared to achieve personal success. The Mission Statement for Mountain Ridge is Merit, Responsibility, Honor and Success. The Mission of Mountain Ridge High School is to provide real world connections within highly engaging classrooms that prepare graduates to meet the rigors and demands of 21st century global citizens.

Ridge is noted for its intense academic criteria, which enables students to complete all of their goals. Advanced Placement classes and Dual Enrollment courses allow students the advantage and opportunity to excel in a competitive world. It is no wonder that Mountain Ridge High School has become a notably recognized and highly regarded school.

For the second year since the inception of the new labelling system, Mountain Ridge High School received an “A” Accountability letter grade from the Arizona State Board of Education. Mountain Ridge is the only high school in the Deer Valley Unified School District to receive this label for the 2nd consecutive year.

Mountain Ridge offers a large array of extra-curricular activities and a host of other academic clubs designed to enrich a student’s education. The Mountain Ridge Marching band has consistently placed in the top 5 for Division 1 Bands in state competition and remains the top band in the NW Valley. Their 3 concert bands have also been received ratings of Superior in various state competitions.

Of course MRHS has a full athletic program as well. With so many choices of different teams, from football, golf, volleyball, soccer, badminton, cross country, and pom and cheer to name just a few, the kids are sure to find something they would enjoy. All participants are required to have a physical each year and tryouts are a part of the process. In April 2012 Mountain Ridge Pom Squad won the National Title in Anaheim where they competed in the United Spirit Association where they competed against teams from all across the west coast.

These are just 2 of the many stellar groups that Ridge has on campus. As you know though as with any school in the DVUSD you can apply for open enrollment and see if you can become a student at MRHS.


Get the Best! Cerreta Candy Company in Glendale.

Forty years ago Jim Cerreta Sr. founded Cerreta Candy Company, located in downtown Glendale, Arizona. The family run business involves all four of Jim’s sons, doing everything from making the delicious confections to handling the sales to the local grocery stores and in house store.  Even the wives are involved giving daily tours to the public and the fourth generation of sons are learning the trade too.

If you have never tried a piece of Cerreta Candy you are missing out. They are fantastic and what makes it even better is that they are a locally made product.  Read more

Looking for a Great Breakfast Spot?

If you live on the west side of town in the Glendale, North Phoenix or North Peoria area I am sure you have found yourself on a Sunday morning looking for a breakfast place that isn’t a hike to get to.  Well, it has arrived!  The Good Egg has opened a location on Happy Valley Road and 39th Avenue. Read more

New In Town- 10 Things NOT To Do When New To The Desert

So you say you’re new to the Valley of the Sun, well join the millions of transplants that already live here. Chances are you came from somewhere in the country with seasons, well we don’t really have seasons here so that is your first adjustment, but here are some big no no’s when it comes to living here.

1.  Don’t think that just because it is a dry heat that it’s not hot or you don’t need to drink fluids.  You must hydrate yourself, regularly!  Take a bottle of water out with you, stop and grab a soda, iced tea anything.  Just drink!

2.  So you go to step in the shower and didn’t really look before getting in, and oops stepped on a scorpion. OUCH!  Well lesson learned, you moved to their territory and they have been here millions of years before you.  They are not going anywhere so, look before stepping! Read more

Good Glendale Homes for Sale- Glendale Community College North Campus

Have you ever thought about going back to school or getting that degree that you started a long time ago?  Well if you live in the Glendale Homes for Sale area you probably have driven by Glendale Community College’s North Campus many times.

The GCC North Campus, located on Happy Valley Road just east of 67th Avenue is a perfect location for those living in the Northwest valley and thinking about going back to school or finishing up a program.  This beautiful campus offers complete degree programs, a fitness center, library, cafeteria, student study space, and on site bookstore. Read more

Glendale Homes for Sale- After School Activities in the Area

With the kids in school most of their day is accounted for, but what about those hours before dinner?  There are many options out there to keep your kids busy, whether you want them to be enrolled in a sports league or swim lessons or something academic related.  If you live in the Glendale Homes for Sale area you have lots to choose from.

Of course the schools in the area all have after care programs where the kids can do their homework and get extra help with their studies.  They also offer games, crafts, and sports.  There are other options for you that may be more interesting to you and your child, here is a sampling. Read more