Glendale Homes for Sale- Best Dog Parks

We humans are always looking for ways to get exercise or get the kids to play outside, but we also want our four legged friends to be able to play outside with their other four legged friends.

There are three dog parks located in the Glendale Homes for Sale area the Foothills Dog Park, Northern Horizon Park, and Sahuaro Ranch Park.  The Foothills Park is located just off of Union Hills and 57th Avenue.  The dog park is located just next to the ball fields and library parking lots.  Dogs here can play in the grassy area, jump and get exercise in the agility course, and just hang out with their furry buddies.  There is even an area for smaller pooches so they won’t feel intimidated by the big guys and gals.  There are plenty of shady areas and benches for the owners to keep a watchful eye over their “kids” and of course water.  It is fully enclosed so dogs can run around without their owners worried about them escaping.  This particular park is closed on Wednesdays but otherwise hours are from 6:00am-10:00pm.

Sahuaro Ranch Park is also in the Glendale Homes for Sale part of town at 63rd Avenue and Mountain View Road.  The off leash dog area is just south of the ball fields.  The enclosed area also offers agility equipment, water fountains, and a separate area for the smaller dogs to play in.  This park is a bit larger than the Foothills Park and has lots of room for running and working off some energy.  This park is closed on Tuesdays.

Northern Horizon Park is located at 63rd Avenue and Northern, this is the largest of all three dog parks in the Glendale Homes for Sale area.  With shaded areas and plenty of benches for owners, this is a great place to come for a doggie play date.  This park is closed on Mondays.

Some things to keep in mind when bringing Fido to the park, most of which is common sense but sometimes we need to be reminded.  When bringing kids to the dog park always keep small children under strict supervision, you just never know how other dogs will act around small kids.  Clean up after your dog, that is just what is expected of dog owners, you don’t want you or your pet stepping in something!  If you think your dog is aggressive or has tendencies to be, the dog park may not be the place for you, and in fact aggressive dogs are not allowed.  All dogs must be current on vaccines and licensed.  No dog snacks in the dog park; this may cause a temper tantrum by other dogs!  Last but not least you enter at your own risk, be vigilant of the dogs around you, there is nothing worse than a “parent” not paying attention to their “kid” and something happening because you were not paying attention. 


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