Spring Cleaning Tips for Home Maintenance

clean kitchen photoSpring is almost here and with warmer weather comes the perfect opportunity to get your home in tip-top shape with some seasonal maintenance. While spring maintenance can be able cleaning and organizing, it’s also the perfect time to check on major systems and features of your home to ensure everything is running properly. Whether you’re getting your home ready to sell, or looking to keep your home up to date on its annual maintenance, here are some recommended spring cleaning around the home:

Clean your gutter

  • Throw on some gloves and pitch a ladder to clean out your gutter. Over the fall and winter, different materials can get caught in the gutter, causing wear and tear on your gutters and blocking the drainage of water.

Replace air filters

  • HVAC technicians suggest changing your air filter up to every month, but most home owners fail to abide by these recommendations. Changing your air filter regularly not only help with air circulation in your home, but it can help lower your air conditioning bill, decrease allergy symptoms and increase the lifespan of your air conditioning system. Spring is the perfect time to switch air filters for fresh air all season long.

Test smoke alarms

  • As you do your spring cleaning, take a minute to test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors. This is a quick and easy task that can save your life.  Experts recommend changing batteries at least twice a year to be safe.

Wash exterior windows

  • Before you crack your windows open on that first seasonal spring day, take some time to wash your exterior windows. There are services around Scottsdale that can do the job for you, or purchase a squeegee and get them done yourself over the weekend.

Schedule pest control treatment 

  • With rising temperature comes an increase in termites and unwanted pests that can damage your home. Take preventative maintenance to ensure the “spring swarm” doesn’t affect your home.

Prepare to open your pool

  • After being covered all winter, spring is the perfect time to roll back your pool cover and begin cleaning debris that have gotten stuck over the off-season. Contact a local pool maintenance company to beat the busy season and get the pool usable for warmer temperatures.

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February Food Events and Festivals in the West Valley 

Whether you are visiting this February or planning to buy a home in the west valley, what matters most is, you are arriving at the right time of the year.  February in Phoenix is filled with lots of exciting food events and festivals. We’re talking about an all-festival dedicated to chocolate, burgers, and tacos plus beer, spirits and wine that will totally change your outlook of the west valley

We have put together a few of the major February food events and festivals in Phoenix, Glendale, and Peoria. If you are coming to the west valley or already there make sure you don’t miss these exciting festivals, hurry and get your tickets, some are already running and the time is ticking.

Glendale Chocolate Affaire1. Glendale Chocolate Affaire (Feb. 3-5)
Chocolate Affaire is an all chocolate festival specially organized for chocolate lovers. The Chocolate Affaire is specially organized by valley chocolate makers and bakery and be sure the Murphy in downtown Glendale will be filled with all sorts of chocolate treats that you will be glad you attended. Exciting Games are also organized by Cerreta Candy company for the kids, so you don’t have to worry about living the kids at home, they are welcome. Tours of the company’s shop will also be given to the kids.

2. Chinese Week (Feb. 10-12):
This year marks the 28th celebration of the Chinese life and art in West Valley! The Chinese culture and cuisine festival feature traditional Chinese dance and amazing martial arts demonstration from the owners. Admission to the Chinese culture and cuisine festival is totally free, and all that is required is your presence. All attendees will get the rare opportunity to try authentic Chinese foods from local vendors

3. Phoenix Vegan Festival (Feb. 25):
The exciting Phoenix Vegan Festival returns again for the third time in 2018! This presents another opportunity for you to enjoy this festival again. During the Phoenix Vegan Festival, all Vegan-friendly restaurants will present some of the best snacks dishes and drinks you probably will ever taste. Clothing and other items will also be on display by other vendors. You can get starting from $25-$50.

4. Peoria Greek Fest (Feb. 10-12):
A church finally organizes one of the biggest food events in the West Valley and guess what, it’s totally free for your kids, and if you’re in the military, you’re free to walk right in. Every other person will have to pay an admission fee of $3 to attend this festival. Here, you get a chance to taste some of the best Greek dishes and desserts – gyros, Greek salad, shish, kabobs; you name it, any Greek cuisine will be made available by vendors. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy the Greek foods you’ve always fancy.

5. Arizona Strong Beer Festival in Phoenix (Feb. 11)
The Arizona Strong Beer Festival is organized to celebrates the breweries around the state. More than 130 breweries bring over 140 beer brands for all attendees to taste. This certainly is one of the biggest drink events in the West Valley! Tickets cost $45 and are already on sale!

6. Corks and Cactus wine festival in Phoenix (Feb. 18-19):
More than forty wine brands will be available for you to taste each day. Wine enthusiasts, get ready for the Corks and Cactus festival because you are going to taste more wine than you’ve ever done. This festival features a walk around the desert botanical garden where attendees can taste as much wine as they desire. Tickets cost around $35-$40.

7. Great Canadian Picnic in Phoenix (Feb. 4):
Over 3,000 Canadians attended this festival in 2017 alone and this year’s festival promises to be bigger and better. Food will be abundant; you can be assured of that because the American Poutine foods have decided to crash this year’s festival with free food trucks. There will be lots of exciting games, hockey shootouts, snow and curling and lots of live music. Tickets cost nothing. You are welcome.

The west valley offers you some of the rare opportunity to mix with some of the most fabulous food festival and events ever. You’d feel a whole lot better this February if you are in the west valley and you’d probably feel pure ecstasy if you don’t miss any of these festivals!

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