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Spring Cleaning Tips for Home Maintenance

clean kitchen photoSpring is almost here and with warmer weather comes the perfect opportunity to get your home in tip-top shape with some seasonal maintenance. While spring maintenance can be able cleaning and organizing, it’s also the perfect time to check on major systems and features of your home to ensure everything is running properly. Whether you’re getting your home ready to sell, or looking to keep your home up to date on its annual maintenance, here are some recommended spring cleaning around the home:

Clean your gutter

  • Throw on some gloves and pitch a ladder to clean out your gutter. Over the fall and winter, different materials can get caught in the gutter, causing wear and tear on your gutters and blocking the drainage of water.

Replace air filters

  • HVAC technicians suggest changing your air filter up to every month, but most home owners fail to abide by these recommendations. Changing your air filter regularly not only help with air circulation in your home, but it can help lower your air conditioning bill, decrease allergy symptoms and increase the lifespan of your air conditioning system. Spring is the perfect time to switch air filters for fresh air all season long.

Test smoke alarms

  • As you do your spring cleaning, take a minute to test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors. This is a quick and easy task that can save your life.  Experts recommend changing batteries at least twice a year to be safe.

Wash exterior windows

  • Before you crack your windows open on that first seasonal spring day, take some time to wash your exterior windows. There are services around Scottsdale that can do the job for you, or purchase a squeegee and get them done yourself over the weekend.

Schedule pest control treatment 

  • With rising temperature comes an increase in termites and unwanted pests that can damage your home. Take preventative maintenance to ensure the “spring swarm” doesn’t affect your home.

Prepare to open your pool

  • After being covered all winter, spring is the perfect time to roll back your pool cover and begin cleaning debris that have gotten stuck over the off-season. Contact a local pool maintenance company to beat the busy season and get the pool usable for warmer temperatures.

Spring is a great time to sell your home.  Do you know the value of your home?  Click here to get a free home value estimate.