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Top Ten Must-Do Spring Cleaning Tasks

When springtime rolls around, you probably feel the need to start cleaning up your home just like most other homeowners do. Spring cleaning is a great habit to get into, and it can really help you improve the lifespan of your home and everything in it, too. But did you know that there are a […]

Creating a Garden for Privacy

Are you looking for a great way to create some privacy for your home without necessarily having to completely fence off your yard? Do you want to build up some privacy in the front yard instead of just in the back? There are a lot of different reasons you might be looking for a little […]

Hot Air Balloons Rides Around The Valley

One of the earliest signs of spring and summer here in the Valley of the Sun is the arrival of hot air balloons soaring through our skies.  There are several reputable hot air balloon companies that offer a wide variety of options for hitching a ride on one of those soaring beauties: Apex Balloon Rides—Offering […]

What to Prioritize In a Bathroom Remodel

It’s often said that two rooms sell a home: the kitchen and the bathroom(s). It’s also widely-accepted that most home buyers are looking for homes that are updated because they don’t want to do the work of updating. Therefore, if the two most important rooms aren’t updated, many potential buyers will start adding up the […]

Fun Festivals in March

Arizona is enjoying some fantastic spring weather in 2017.  If you’re looking for some reasons to get out and enjoy these mild, spring days, consider checking out one of the many festivals and events around our beautiful Valley of the Sun. First, on March 11, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Faire is a parade […]

Are Home Warranties Worth It?

As a home buyer or home seller, you may have wondered whether a home warranty is worth the cost?  Homeowners insurance protects your home against unforeseen accidents or damage.  A home warranty, on the other hand, is a supplement to this insurance.  Simply put, a home warranty is a convenience program that covers normal wear […]

Real Estate Terminology BINSR

While the ins and out of real estate have never been more part of our popular culture thanks to the advent of HGTV and its long roster of home shows, there are still several technical and legal components of real estate that can be confusing to home buyers and home sellers.  For example, you’ve listed […]