Water Parks in the Valley of the Sun

As the inevitable triple-digit days are quickly approaching, many residents here in the Valley of the Sun start looking for ways to stay cool.  Whether you having visiting grandchildren, have young children of your own, or you are just young at heart, here are a few places to consider paying a visit, to help you beat the heat:

  1. MMR poolLocated in the North Valley, Wet N Wild is a sprawling oasis of slides, wave pools, lazy rivers and splash pads.  With over 13 attractions, every member of the family is sure to find a fun way to stay cool.
  2. Big Surf in Mesa is known for its 2.5 million gallon wave pool.  Big Surf also has an area for smaller tots, as well as seven different sets of slides for those thrill seekers.
  3. Located within the Arizona Grand Resort, Oasis Waterpark is a 7-acre waterpark featuring an 8-story tower with three water slides, a large wave pool, a lazy river and a kids’ splash area.  Day passes can be purchased through the hotel for just the waterpark.
  4. Finally, Golfland-Sunsplash in Mesa, is a combination water park and amusement park, with several water attractions such as slides, a wave pool, lazy river and splash zones.  Visitors can also enjoy a giant video game arcade, bumper boats, laser tag and little indy cars.

Be sure to check out www.groupon.com and www.livingsocial.com for coupons and deals for the above attractions.

To Pool or Not to Pool?

Photo courtesy of www.shimmeringwaterspoolservices.com

Photo courtesy of www.shimmeringwaterspoolservices.com

To Pool or Not to Pool?

Are you one the many families in the Valley who can’t decide whether or not to install a swimming pool in the backyard? Before you take the plunge, here are some things to consider.

Most importantly, think about why you want a pool. Adding a pool is an expensive endeavor and, realistically, just because you spend $40k on a pool does not mean that it will add the same amount to the value of your home. It could even add nothing to the value, depending on current market and neighborhood standards.

The only real reason to add a swimming pool to your home is because you want a pool. The investment lies in the fun, enjoyment and recreation for your family, enhanced appearance of the yard and the cool escape from hot summer temperatures. If you’re only looking to add a pool to your home with the expectation that you will recoup the cost upon sale, it’s really not worth the investment.

The fact is, there is no definitive answer as to whether a pool will or will not help sell your home. Many Phoenix area buyers want a pool. Some people fall in love with homes, but don’t buy because there isn’t a pool and they don’t want to go through the installation process physically or financially. Although already having a pool appeals to some buyers, there are also many buyers who won’t look at homes that have a pool at all.

My personal opinion, as a buyer, is that if the home is perfect except it doesn’t have a pool and I want one, I’d have one installed. Were I a buyer looking for a home and did not want a pool, I would not consider looking at homes with one. This is simply because having a pool filled and landscaping the yard seems like unnecessary work, whereas adding a pool would be a value to my family’s enjoyment and recreation.

Only you can consider whether the investment is right for your family and answer the ultimate Phoenix homeowner question: to pool or not to pool?

For more information on adding a pool or other upgrades to your home and their potential values, contact Elise Fay or the Fay Team.