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If you have ever driven along Bell Road near 55th Avenue, you may have noticed a funky looking place that looks like a diner from back east.  Well it’s not a diner, it is a great BBQ place called Thee Pitts Again.

Situated in the Glendale Homes for Sale area, this unique, non-corporate chain restaurant is serving up award winning BBQ dishes.  Featured a few years ago on the food networks “Diner, Drive Ins and Dives” this family run restaurant is sure to cure those BBQ cravings!

Owned and operated by the Wagner family, with Roger, his wife Cheryl and kids Chris and Megan oversee everything so you know you’re getting a good quality meal.  Roger started out in the restaurant business back in Indiana.  At the age of 14 washing dishes he put in his dues and he moved up the ranks to cook and then management.   He took all he learned and decided to open Thee Pitts in 1979.  Everything is made in house and from fresh products.  All recipes were created by the family and over the years they have won numerous awards for their tasty BBQ.  From the 1st place 2 time winner in the Jack Daniels “Whole Hog Competition” or the 1st Place Winner for Beef Brisket in Las Vegas and don’t forget Grand Champion in Evansville, Indiana,  you know you’re getting “the real deal” as Guy Fieri from the Food Network says.

The menu has something for everyone, from the traditional BBQ favorites to smoked fish and don’t forget about the yummy side dishes like coleslaw and BBQ Beans,  of course made in house.  Three Pitts Again also caters, so if you don’t feel like cooking for those big crowds just order some tasty dishes from them.

My only complaint is this, when I finish working out at the gym, located right behind Thee Pitts Again, and I smell that amazing food wafting through the air.  You know that wonderful BBQ smell I am speaking of, it is very hard not to walk right across the parking lot and ruin the work out I just had.  Maybe since I did just work out I can treat myself right?

So if you are lucky enough to live in the Glendale Homes for Sale areas or even if you have to travel a little bit, head over to Thee Pitts Again for some fantastic BBQ.

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