Q and A

It’s Sept. in Arizona, the kids are settled into school and even though the weather is still a bit more hot and humid than I would like, I can’t help but get a sense that “Fall is in the Air”. With cooler weather just around the corner my thoughts turn to my home and all the projects that I would like to do around the house as we get ready to really enjoy the great outdoors in Arizona.

You may get lots of advice from people about selling your home.  Here are some common mistakes that are made. 1.   Don’t base the sale of your home on the season.  Yes, spring may typically be a busier time of year for home sales, but homes are purchased year round.  Use your homes amenities, like perhaps a fire place to showcase how lovely your home can be during the winter months too! 2.   The contract process is complex.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and read the fine print before signing.  You really want to understand what you are responsible for and what the buyer is expecting.  Speak with your attorney or real estate agent if you have questions.

1.What do you think of this home?

Elise: Well does this home have most of what you are looking for? How do you feel about the house? It is often difficult to not give my personal opinion on a home when I know that my client is looking to me for my guidance and expertise. If the home you are considering meets most of their criteria, then I do think they should say "Yes to the Home", but if there is some hesitation regarding price and/or condition then my suggestion would be to keep looking. If it is the right home, I believe you will know it pretty quickly.