Glendale Homes for Sale- Energy Saving Tips

Living here in Arizona, in the Glendal Homes for Sale area, we have all become accustomed to having to pay for our high electric bill, especially in the summer months.  Our air conditioners are running constantly, along with all of our other appliances.  If you have a pool, add on that to your expense!

If you have a home, here is some energy saving tips that you may have over looked.  Check with your electric company, they have plans to save money by using your appliances like dishwashers and washing machines during their “saving” time periods.  This can really help if you stick to running your loads of laundry or dirty dishes during these time slots.

Another cost savings you can do is a really simple one, turn off your lights.  I sometimes forget this myself, but if you are consistent it will become second nature.  Another thing to do is to unplug those electrical things you don’t use regularly.  Even though the clock radio in the guest room isn’t actually on, it is still plugged in and drawing energy. Go through your home to see what you might be able to unplug, bet you’ll find quite a few things.

Washing your clothes in cold water is yet another way to bring down that electric bill.  Take it one step further and air dry your clothes when you can.  Living here in the Glendale Homes for Sale area, your clothes will dry pretty fast outside; it’s like an outdoor dryer outside anyway right?

This one may cost you up front at first but in the long run will save you some money.  If you have to upgrade any appliances look for those with the Energy Star models.  Things like an energy efficient refrigerator and your clothes dryer are real energy “hogs”.  Upgrading may help you, especially if your appliances were built before 1993.

Install some ceiling fans, this will take some of the burden off your air conditioner and help distribute some cooler air throughout the home.  Even in the winter it can help, if you switch them to turn clockwise it can help the warmer air rising blow back down again into the room.  If you don’t have a programmable thermostat it might be time to have one installed.  This is a great way to control your air or heat, program it to be higher during the day when you aren’t home, and then you can program it to cool off right before you get home so you don’t walk into a scorching house.  This will alleviate you forgetting to turn it down or up.  All the work is done for you.

Here is one we may over look, especially living here in Arizona.  Plug air leaks around your doors and windows.  I guess because we live in such a mild climate we don’t pay attention to this.  However I personally have noticed in the winter months I can feel the cooler air around the windows coming in, if that happens in the winter I can only imagine how much hot air is coming in during the summer and making my a/c unit work that much harder.

If we all take a little bit of energy saving steps, we could all reap the benefits on our electric bills and help the environment at the same time!

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