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If you live in Arizona and are sending your child to school for the first time you may realize that you have choices, lots of choices.  It can be overwhelming; I myself being from back east am amazed that you have a choice other than the school located within the boundaries of your home.  Living in the Glendale Homes for Sale area there are so many choices of public, charter, and private schools.

One of the charter schools in the area is called Candeo.  Located in the northwest part of town at Lake Pleasant Pkwy and W. Calle Lejos, this K-6 school started in 2008 and has been a success ever since.  With an excelling ranking and about 432 students in attendance Candeo centers its teaching principles on ten Core Knowledge approach to learning. 

First you may ask yourself what is a charter school anyway?  Well, they are state funded, public schools.  They are contracted with the state to provide an education service and they do not charge tuition.  They were created to provide parents and students with academic choices.

Candeo focuses its learning on Core Knowledge which is a cumulative approach to learning.  Each year the child builds upon the previous year’s curriculum.  They also use the Singapore Math, which is the basis that what children learn in elementary school sets the ground work for all future math learning.  It focuses on a visual approach to problem solving.  Language Arts are also part of Candeo’s curriculum as well as foreign language and arts.  Physical Education is incorporated into the child’s day as well, with recess offered daily to let the kids get out and get fresh air and time to be kids.  Student to teacher ratio is 1:17.

You may be thinking great I want to send my child to Candeo School.  Well, here are the negatives.  Just because this is where you want your child to go does not mean that is where he/she will go.  There is a wait list….a long one!  There is an open enrollment period where you basically get your name in and then hope your number is picked.  It is done on a lottery basis.  Not first come first serve.  They only have so many spots that can be filled.  Also keep in mind charter schools do not typically offer busing for your kids.  So you will be responsible for pick up and drop off every day.  They do offer after care hours until 5:30pm with a fee.  There are also school uniforms that the children must wear; some may like that and others not so much.

So when deciding on which school to have your little one go to, remember to start doing your homework early so you can make an informed decision.  Have a backup plan just in case your first choice doesn’t work out.  We are lucky to have so many excellent choices living here in the Glendale Homes for Sale area.

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