Glendale Homes for Sale- Final Walk-Throughs, Why It is a Good Idea

You are in the final stages of moving into your new home in the Glendale Homes for Sale area. You have seen the home many times during the buying process and may feel it is not necessary to see it one more time before closing. I would think about that very carefully and here is why.

Many times there may be miscommunication between seller, buyer, moving company, and a whole slew of others that were involved in this process. Items that may have been in the contract to stay in the home such as lighting fixtures or appliances may overtly be taken out of the home or perhaps were removed in the hopes you wouldn’t see it before moving in. You don’t want to walk into your new home and not have a refrigerator or lights. If this should happen to you hopefully those items were taken by movers who weren’t aware and they will be returned, however you should let your agent know immediately that this has occurred so they can let the listing agent know about it.

 You also wouldn’t want to show up on moving day in Glendale Homes for Sale to find the house still has remnants of the old occupants. A final walk through can help you to see that the previous owners are gone or at the very least in the process of moving their belongings out. Should you not do a walk through and find a littered house, it is within your right to let the previous owner know you will remove their items in a certain amount of time and bill them for the removal of these items.

 Repairs are also necessary to follow up on. If repairs to the home were mutually agreed upon and in the contract to be taken care of, you really should follow up with a walk through to see that these repairs were indeed completed and to your satisfaction. If at the time of the walk through you see items that were not addressed, ask your agent to put these problems in writing and have them delivered to the seller. This leaves no doubt on their part of what will still need to be done.

Some items that get over looked when moving are things like keys, appliance manuals, or garage door openers. Make sure to ask about these things and that the previous owners will have put them in a secure place within the home so that you will know where to find them.

 An option for the buyer to have when problems occur is to delay the closing, which may be inconvenient and not what you want to do. In this case it is definitely in your best interest to do your final walk through and make sure everything is move-in ready.


 Lesley Allison 

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