Glendale Homes For Sale-Curb Appeal, What is it?


Have you ever heard the saying “you only get one chance to make a first impression”?  Well the same holds true for homes.  Living in the beautiful communities of Glendale Homes for Sale, we come to expect the homes here to have fantastic “curb appeal”.  But what is that exactly?

When a prospective buyer drives up for the first time to see a home, the first thing they will see is the front yard, and front of the home.  If there are weeds growing or paint chipping the impression is this home was not taken care of on the outside, what am I going to see on the inside?  Even if the interior was maintained or even recently upgraded with the most current design trends, the first impression did not “impress”.

Curb appeal is a well maintained landscaped yard, a pleasing paint scheme that looks fresh, structural integrity of the walk way, and front door etc.  Even lighting can help the curb appeal of your home in Glendale Homes for Sale.  If there are nice walkway lights so one can get to the front door safely that is a big plus for some potential buyers.

Living in Glendale Homes for Sale neighborhoods, most of the homes here are part of an HOA, or Home Owners Association.  We must abide by their bylaws and in many cases it is to keep the curb appeal of your home up to acceptable standards.  They will require maintenance of your yard which is to make sure there are no weeds growing, the trees are trimmed, and bushes are trimmed.  Often times they limit what decorative yard ornaments are allowed.  This is usually an overall good thing for the people living in these neighborhoods as everyone is held responsible for maintaining good curb appeal for their home.  If all the homes look good, it will help the value and will keep potential buyers from looking elsewhere.

Some easy ways in which to improve your homes curb appeal are:

  • Install lights along the entry way to your home
  • Plant some flowers along the sidewalk or in front of the home
  • Upgrade lighting fixtures
  • Install a new garage door
  • Upgrade the hardware or a new front door or you can give that front door a fresh coat of paint


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what is pleasing to you may not please all.  But keep in mind that if it’s a bit newer looking or just looks like some time and love were put into it that will translate to any potential buyer.


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