Glendale Homes for Sale- Interesting Arizona Fun Facts and Trivia

Q: What was the hottest temperature ever recorded in Arizona?

It was 128 degrees in Lake Havasu City on June 29, 1994

Did you know that it takes 50-100 years before a Saguaro Cactus grows an “arm?”

Q: Why doesn’t Arizona practice daylight savings time?

We did try daylight savings time in the Glendale Homes for Sale area and the rest of Arizona back in 1967, however no one liked the sun setting after 9:00pm in the summer months so we switched back to Standard Time, along with Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa and believe it or not parts of Indiana.

Q: What was the coldest recorded temperature in Arizona?

On January 7, 1971 it was -40 degrees at Hawley Lake.

Did you know that mail going to Supai, below the south rim of the Grand Canyon is still done by mule train?  It makes 8 mile, three to five hour trips five days a week and carries about a ton of mail including supplies.

Q: What is Monsoon Season?

During the summer months we will see severe thunderstorms come through, typically in the evening time frames and there will be heavy rains and lots of lightning and wind.  Usually these storms move very quickly and only last a short time but can do some serious damage; temperatures can drop up to 20 degrees.  It is a good idea to stay inside your home in the Glendale Homes for Sale area.

Did you know it is unlawful to refuse a glass of water to someone in Arizona?

Did you know if you cut down a cactus you can receive a 25 year prison term?

Q: Who has the more golf courses Scotland or Arizona?

You guessed right if you said Arizona, hard to believe we have more, but we do have many beautiful courses in our state.

Q: What is the deal with the snakes and scorpions; do you really see these critters living in the suburban areas of Arizona?

Yes, yes we do!  I try to tell my east coast friends about having to kill a scorpion and they just say I live in a crazy place!  We are home to 11 species of rattlesnakes, more than any other state (there are 33 species in case you were wondering).  Scorpions have been around since the dawn of time, kind of like a NY cockroach! I don’t think they will ever become extinct.  Some homes will never see one and some will have lots of them.  It all depends on if there are nests near your home, new construction will disturb the nests and send them looking for other places to live.  I know gross. They like to hide so check your shoes and always shake out a towel or something you leave on the ground.  If you get bit by a scorpion chances are you’ll be just fine, just a dose of Benadryl but if you see signs of severe allergic reaction get to an ER immediately.  Snake bites, well, that is more serious.  Call 911 and/or get yourself to an ER that has anti-venom!

Did you know that the original London Bridge was shipped stone by stone to Lake Havasu City in Arizona and reconstructed?  Gives new meaning to the song London Bridges!

Q: So where do we get our drinking water in the desert?

There was a series of dams built after the construction of the Roosevelt Dam, 5 to be exact.  Three were on the Salt River and two on the Verde.  These dams created various lakes, such as Saguaro, Canyon etc.  The water enters the SRP canal system at the Granite Reef Diversion dam out in the Far East Valley.  The snow-melt helps to keep the lakes filled.  A system of ground pumping delivers Arizona’s share of the Colorado River water to Phoenix, Glendale Homes for Sale and Tucson.

Did you now that the world’s largest telescope is at the Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona?

Did you know that in World War II, Navajos were enlisted as secret agents, enemies could never figure out the Navajo language so our military secrets were kept safe?

Q: The state seal of Arizona has 5 “C”s on it.  What do they stand for?

Climate, Cotton, Copper, Cattle and Citrus. In the early years of the State, these industries were important to Arizona’s economy.

Speaking of cooper, did you know that the amount of cooper on the roof of the Capitol Building in Phoenix is equivalent to 4,800,000 pennies?

Q: Is there such a thing as a Jackalope?

Half bunny, half antelope, this is pure fiction!  It was created in the 1930’s as a joke

Q: Can you name the 13 other states that have a city named Phoenix?

They are Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, and Texas.

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