Glendale Homes for Sale- 9 Ways to Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re Away

We all like to head out of town to relax and enjoy ourselves.  The last thing you want to do while away is stress about the security of your home and everything you love that is inside of it.  Living in the safest areas like Glendale Homes for Sale will provide some sense of security but let’s be realistic, crime can happen anywhere!  Here are some tips to keeping your home safe.

1.  Hire a house or pet sitter.  Having someone come in your home on a regular basis while you are away is a great way to deter crime.  They will pick up newspapers in the driveway or packages left on your door step, turn on lights or off, bring in the garbage cans and if you have a pet take care of them too.  It leaves the illusion that you are home or at the very least someone is coming in and out at varying times.  This option can be a little costly but may be well worth it.

2.  Have the post office hold your mail while away. They are able to do this for 3 to 30 days all you have to do is contact your local post office.  This is especially a good idea when your mail box is on your property.

3. Another easy tip is to stop your paper delivery.  Clearly if you have a pile of newspapers in your driveway no one has been coming in or out and it is a flashing light to would be criminals that this home is vacant.  If you don’t want to stop your delivery see if a neighbor can pick it up for you.

4.  Invest in some timers for your lights.  Easy enough head over to the local home improvement store pick up a few timers and set them to go on and off every day while away.  Again gives the illusion someone is home.

5.  Have your landscaping taken care of if you’ll be gone for a while.  If your lawn is starting to get overgrown it is a good indication no one has been around to take care of it.

6.  Check your locks on everything before heading out.  It is easy to orget this simple step.  You may have opened a window and forgotten to lock it afterward, go through everything and check.  I have a friend whose home was robbed because she forgot to lock her bedroom window, the weather had cooled off and she forgot all about it. 7.  Keep your announcements about traveling to a minimum, that’s right I am talking to all your facebookers out there!  It’s all well and good to tell good friends and family of your travels but be wary about posting your every move, you just never know who could be reading it. Save the photos of your trip to post till after you’re home. 8.  Here is one I would not have thought of.  If parking in long term parking at the airport do not leave your GPS or garage door opener in the car.  A thief could break into your car and GPS their way back to your house and click your garage door open.  Better yet also disconnect your garage door opener while away, this can deter anyone with a universal remote. 9.  Having a home security system is a great way to have your home monitored while away.  It can also detect fire or carbon monoxide.  Some systems are so advanced now you can have it programmed to turn on lights and some even have video cameras so you can see your home while away.  This would definitely be a long term investment for your home. Taking just a few extra precautions can really give your home in the Glendale Homes for Sale area the added protection it needs and this can make all the difference in having a really great time or having it be a disaster!

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