What NOT To Do When Selling Your Home

What NOT To Do When Selling Your Home

We all hear about the steps we should take when selling our home; however have you thought about things you should NOT do when trying to sell your home?  There are so many no no’s that seem simple enough but are often over looked.

When your home is being shown to prospective buyers, don’t be there.  As much as you love your home and have taken pride in decorating it to your tastes the potential buyers may be uncomfortable discussing what they like or don’t like about the home. You may also say too much without meaning to, which may put off a potential buyer. 

Try to de clutter your home.  You want the rooms and closets to seem large.  If too much clutter is around then it will seem there isn’t room for the new owner’s items.  They may not be able to get past the clutter.  You also don’t want to have lots of personal photos and things around.  It will distract the buyer.

Do not have your pets roaming around the house.  Some buyers may be allergic or afraid of animals.  Granted some folks love dogs and cats but you just can’t be too sure.   If you cannot remove your pet from the home for a showing perhaps putting them in a cage or a particular room in the home.  Also it is a good idea to make sure you have cleaned up after you pet.  Make sure the cat litter is changed and you have gone on poop patrol in the yard!

It is important to make your home bright and appealing.  Turning on the lights and opening blinds or curtains to let in natural light is much more appealing.  Don’t dim the lights this isn’t a romantic mood you’re trying to set.  If you have painted a room in a dark color you may want to consider lightening it up.  Neutral, lighter colors show better than a dark color.  You can always paint your dark colors again in your new place.

Probably the most important thing when selling your home is to NOT neglect the outside of your house.  Curb appeal is ultra-important, it is the first impression that potential buyers will have when they arrive.  If they see a dilapidated front porch or weeds sprouting up everywhere they will think what kind of condition is the inside like.  Maintaining your landscaping is important.

Do not smoke in your home or have funny odors from cooking the night before permeating through your house.  This can be a real turn off to a potential buyer.  This may be hard if you are a smoker so you may want to air out your home and wash the draperies and deodorize things.  Pets can leave smells too.  So if Fido has been having accidents on the carpet you want to have it cleaned or replaced.

Use your best judgment; think about what may turn you off when looking at homes.  Chances are it’s some of the above mentioned items.

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