Fabulous Finds for Fido in Glendale

Fabulous Finds for Fido in Glendale

Living in the Greater Phoenix area we are blessed with having beautiful weather nearly year round.  With the fantastic weather we have many places which offer al fresco dining, and most restaurants in the area with patio seating welcome not only you but your four legged companion.  The Glendale area has many wonderful locations you can check out.

The AJ’s patio at 67th Avenue and the 101 has many furry friends enjoying a morning cup of Joe with their owners, well maybe they are lapping up some cold water but it’s all relative.  It is a relaxing atmosphere with the covered patio area and lots of seating.  AJ’s has many delightful choices for you and your pet whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner and even dessert.  Another patio area that is nearby is the Starbucks just north of the 101 and 67th Avenue, they have a very nice patio area and I have seen many dogs just hanging out.

Recently I was at a Home Depot and ran into about 4 different owners taking their pets on a home improvement shopping trip.  I asked an employee what was going on and she advised as long as they were on leashes it was fine.  One dog was even getting pushed in the wagon like a child!  So next time you need to run up and get some paint bring Fido so he can have a say in what you pick out.

Of course all of the pet stores in town allow your pet inside, Petsmart, Petco and others around town are all pet friendly, that’s their business after all.  But I have also noticed local ice cream shops like Yogurtology and Cold Stone Creamery sometimes have a bowl of water outside for your pet to enjoy.

A new pet store just opened up in the Glendale area on Happy Valley Road at 39th Avenue, See Spot Shop.  This holistic pet center has all of your pet’s needs.  They offer a variety of pet merchandise from beds and clothing to grooming supplies and food for Fido.  They offer top of the line food that may be a bit pricier than Dog Chow but a lot healthier.  They also have variety of supplements to help your dog with things like allergies, digestive issues and joint pain.  Of course the store is pet friendly and they also have healthy treats.  After shopping head over to the Good Egg next door and grab a table on the patio while your pet relaxes under the table in the shade.  Food for Fido and a great meal for you, what a perfect day out!

There are many places in town you can take your pet but just remember in the summer be mindful of the heat and have your pet on a leash.  It is safer for your pet and makes others around you feel a bit more at ease. And of course, please never leave your pet in the car during the summer months!

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