Hot Air Balloons Rides Around The Valley

One of the earliest signs of spring and summer here in the Valley of the Sun is the arrival of hot air balloons soaring through our skies.  There are several reputable hot air balloon companies that offer a wide variety of options for hitching a ride on one of those soaring beauties:

  1. Apex Balloon Rides—Offering rides 7 days a week from October to May, Apex Balloon Rides launch daily at sunrise, and also at sunrise beginning in the cooler months of November through March.  This owner/pilot operated company aims to offer a more personal experience, and even offers hot air balloon weddings.
  1. Scottsdale Hot Air Balloons–  This company features shared and group rides with 4-8 people, as well as private rides.  They offer bed and breakfast packages as well as wedding charters.
  1. Rainbow Ryders–  This company features sunrise balloon rides, departing from North Phoenix, for both adults and children (ages 5 and up), as well as sunset balloon rides from November to March.  The sunset balloon ride package is 4 hours in duration and also depart from North Phoenix.
  1. Hot Air Expeditions—Hot Air Expeditions offers various packages, all of which include viewing of the hot air balloon being inflated.  Their Balloons and Tunes package includes a 45-60 minute balloon ride, post-flight champagne and breakfast at Vincent’s on Camelback, plus a transfer to the Musical Instrument Museum.  Sunset flights include hors d’oeuvres catered by Vincent’s.  Flights depart from the Deer Valley Airport.
  1. Aerogelic Ballooning—This company features two different launch locations.  One in North Phoenix, and one in Gilbert.  Various packages are offered from sunrise or sunset balloon rides to dawn patrol and full moon balloon experiences.

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