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What Marketing Can I Expect My Realtor to Do?

Glendale Real Esatate photoWhen you’re selling your home, you’ve probably heard that it’s better to work with a realtor. After all, potential buyers are a lot more likely to look at a home that’s being sold by a realtor instead of one that’s just for sale by the owner. However, what can you really expect your realtor to do other than bring strangers to your home and walk with them through it? Did you know that your realtor has some marketing strategies to help you improve your chances of selling your home in a timely manner?

The MLS:  The MLS is basically a listings engine that realtors use to locate homes for sale in the area. They can search based on all sorts of parameters to help you find the perfect home to fit your needs, budget, and more. When your home is added to the MLS, that makes it much more accessible to other realtors throughout the region, and not just to yours. This means that even people who have never heard of your realtor will be told about your house for sale by their own realtor, and exposure to your home will increase significantly. This is the most important marketing task of any seller’s realtor.

Photos and Staging:  Not every realtor will do this for a seller, but many will. One of the most important marketing strategies your realtor can help you with professional photos of the inside and outside of your home. When a house has photos that are poorly lit or don’t show the key elements of a room, even the best and most impressive MLS listing isn’t going to get potential buyers interested in looking at the home. If your realtor doesn’t offer to help you with photos and staging, it never hurts to be up front and ask about it.

Pricing:  One key aspect of your realtor’s job is to help you set a fair and acceptable price for your home. Your realtor has access to a lot of information about the prices that homes in the area have been selling for, and he or she will know what the market trends are doing at any given time. Choosing a reasonable price for your home is a crucial part of marketing it to the right target pool of potential buyers and ensuring that it gets a lot of attention, too. If you insist on going with a higher price than the one your realtor suggests, don’t be surprised if you soon need to lower it back to what you were quoted in the first place.

Sibbach Team utilizes the most innovative marketing strategies.  We use professional photographers and our on staff stager who will help to show off your home’s best features.  But that’s not all!  We take drone aerial shots, list your home on most visited real estate websites  (trulia, zillow, redfin, etc.) and strategically utilize social media to showcase your home.  Open House events are still very effective and we know how to drive visitors to view your home.

Are you considering selling your home?  Get started with a free, no obligation home value estimate or contact me at  602-329-7782 

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