Back to School Tips

back to school photoFor most of the valley, kids will be back to school by the second week of August. It’s an exciting time (hello, new supplies!) but it’s also a great chance for parents and kids to work together on building strong study habits and adjusting back from a summer routine. 

Create a helpful study environment. 

Dedicating a space for homework helps kids study effectively and distraction-free, and gives them the time they need to work (rather than clearing them away from a multi-use space, like the dinner table). Make it fun by setting up the space together and getting organized. 

Get into a routine. 

The transition from a summer schedule may be easy or difficult, but it’s important to continue assisting with a productive routine for sleep, homework and after-school activities. You can help by suggesting a bedtime and pre-bedtime routine where electronic devices go off well in advance of sleeping. Set aside a distraction-free time for homework, and encourage and motivate with small breaks, especially if working at the computer.

Review important deadlines.

When your child starts a new school year, it might be helpful to sit with them to review the school materials, dates and important events throughout the year. You can even create a calendar together to help them keep track of important expectations and deadlines. 

Encourage communication.

Your child might be nervous about their first days, or feeling like they are lost as the school year progresses. Make sure they feel comfortable engaging with their teacher to ask questions and seek additional help if they need it, and that they know the teacher (and you!) will be supportive of them throughout the school year. 

Check out the schedule for after-school activities. 

Local school districts offer great opportunities for continued education and fun before and after school. Check your district’s website to find more information on engaging programs that provide homework assistance, hands-on enrichment with technology, play and arts and crafts.