Scottsdale #1 Profitable City for Airbnb

As you may have heard, recently ranked Scottsdale as the #1 profitable city for an Airbnb! Why are Airbnb rentals so popular in Scottsdale? The City of Scottsdale has long been a popular location for families and American corporate elites looking for a vacation getaway filled with golf, hiking and outdoor adventures.

With the growing popularity of short term rentals across the country, many cities are creating tighter rules or banning Airbnb rentals altogether. Arizona, on the other hand, has gone in the opposite direction. In 2016, Arizona signed a law that prevents cities from banning short-term rentals. So even though Scottsdale may be #1, all cities in the Valley of the Sun allow homeowners to profit from Airbnb rentals!

Scottsdale Real Estate-
Median list price: $685,100
Average daily rate: $301
Occupancy rate: 81%
Active rentals: 5,178

Are you considering purchasing a home to list on Airbnb? Give me a call to discuss what part of the valley may be best for you! 602-329-7762

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