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Buying a New Construction Home

new construction homeBuilding your dream home from the ground up can be exciting. You get to choose your lot, the floor plan, the interior finishes and any upgrades. There is a common misconception when you’re buying a new construction home that you don’t need to work with a Realtor®. However, that’s not necessarily true. Read on for 5 reasons why you should use a Realtor when buying a new construction home.

1. Your real estate agent is your advocate. When you walk into a model home, the friendly salesperson who greets works for the builder, therefore they may not work in your best interest. Your Realtor works for you and your best interest.

2. Hiring a Realtor comes at no cost to you. When working with builders, there is no additional cost for working with a Realtor. The builder will pay your agent’s sales commission.

3. A Realtor can help with lot, floor plan and upgrade selections. They can help guide you by making recommendations on items that appeal to a larger number of future buyers if you think you may sell your property in the future. For example, the lot you may be thinking about buying may save you some money upfront, but it may not be the best lot selection for resale value.

4. A Realtor can help you make the right choices for your budget. With a seemingly endless list of choices to make, new construction can be overwhelming. A good Realtor can help guide some of your decisions within your budget. Also, when working within your budget, an agent can guide you on what items are better to install now versus items that are easier to improve upon later.

5. A Realtor Can Help with Inspections and Contract Contingencies You know you need an inspection when you buy an existing home, but did you know an inspection is an important part of buying new construction?

When it comes to buying new construction, there are many benefits that come with working with an experienced real estate agent. Are you thinking of buying a new construction home? Give me a call for information on all the new developments in the West Valley and let’s schedule a tour! 602-329-7782

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