2021: The Year to Save THOUSANDS on Commissions

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2021: The Year to Save THOUSANDS on Commissions


Supply & Demand
Active listing count in ARMLS is the lowest ever, with only 4364 properties for sale. The average number of active listings for this millennium is 28,539!

Last year finished as the 2nd highest number of sales through MLS; 105,368. The record in 2005 was 106,810. We have 40% more people in Metro-Phoenix in 2021 vs 2005 but we haven’t seen the number of sales exceed that record year.

When Will This Market Stop?
Two most important watch items – declining stock market will hurt the luxury momentum and/or interest rates rising at a quick pace. In 2013 interest rates rose by 1% and inventory rose by 11,000 homes immediately following.

Lower Commissions
One of our new tools in 2021 allows the seller to pay half of the traditional fees to sell. We’re excited to talk with you about it!

Last but not least, THANK YOU!
We’ve helped more clients this past year than ever. We appreciate your continued support and love bringing commission savings tools to you.

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