Your Holiday Home Decor Guide

Your Holiday Home Decor Guide

Now that it’s the holiday season you might be working on overdrive to make your home the most festive it can be. If you haven’t done any holiday decorating, this can come at a cost to your holiday spirit, especially when Christmas, New Years, Kwanzaa, or even Boxing Day come around.

Below we cover a few ways to make your home more festive, which will make you feel more inspired to enjoy the holiday season by sharing your space with friends, family, or even new acquaintances.

Start with Your Kitchen

You can do a lot to cheer up your home during the holiday season by revamping your kitchen – and it doesn’t take some sort of huge DIY or professionally-assisted effort to accomplish this.

Bake a few holiday-themed treats to add to the holiday ambiance, which will prepare you for any holiday feast you’re planning on conjuring up. From Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s Eve, your kitchen is a place where you’re likely to spend more than a little of your holiday time. You can treat yourself and your guests to holiday-themed arrangements featuring golden pears, rich pomegranates, and other frosty winter berries.

Add tasteful decorations that go along with your style. If you’re a sucker for the holiday season, now is the time to break out all of those holiday trinkets. You know, the ones that have been sitting in the attic or basement all year.

Incorporate Some Greenery and Some Scenery

Beyond that Christmas tree, your home will take on a new personality when you add a little more life to it. Holiday wreaths and garlands will go a long way in adding some warmth to any space or area. Christmas plants are also a popular item this time of year that will help you optimize your space for the holiday season.

Try to make intelligent purchases instead of impulse purchases. A little seeded eucalyptus pine can go a long way.

Next, make sure that you have plenty of holiday candles at the ready. Nowadays there are an astonishing amount of candle scents on the market. Fill your space with scents like pine, spiced chestnut, and even cinnamon bun. Holiday candles paired with holiday-themed candle holders will make your home look and smell amazing.

Don’t Forget the Dining Room

If you plan on having a holiday gathering with your loved ones, it’s a good idea to give your dining room a double dose of holiday cheer.

Craft a woods-inspired scene in the dining room or incorporate classic red, green, and gold decor with a fair amount of winter foliage – like pine and cedar, for instance. A little natural greenery spread around your dining room tabletop will go a long way.

Happy Holidays from Elise Fay Group

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