Glendale Homes for Sale- CCV STARS, Local Sports Teams

If you happen to live in the northwest part of town in the Glendale Homes for Sale area, or even if you don’t, there is a great sports league called the CCV Stars.  You may have heard of the CCV church and yes the sports teams are affiliated but you do not have to be a member of the church to have fun and participate on the teams.

The CCV Stars have teams for soccer, football, and basketball both recreational and competitive.  STARs or Striving To Achieve Real Significance on the field and in your home, has teams for children ages 4-17.

The United Soccer Program is for the first time player and is more of a developmental program.  The kids playing on this league are encouraged to have fun and enjoy the social aspects of being on a team for the first time.  The age group for the United teams are 4-6 and generally they practice once a week with games held locally on Saturdays in the Glendale Homes for Sale community.

The Excel Soccer Program is for ages 6-17 with more of a competitive experience for the teams.  The various teams compete in the AYSA State and Open Leagues.  Practices are held a few times a week and in most cases have professional trainers and coaches.  Home games are held at the CCV fields while away games are held valley wide.  Players are encouraged to develop their skills but still have a focus on positive encouragement.

During the off season CCV Stars holds various soccer camps for ages 3 thru 2nd grade.  These camps are held in the evenings and include various skill sets, games and physio exercises.  A great idea to work off some energy during the summer months!

CCV Stars also has football teams, both Tackle and Flag Football.  Teams are determined by grades, for example Pre K- Kindergarten, 1st/2nd grade etc…up to 5th/ 6th grade for flag football.  Games are held on Friday evenings and there are 7 regular season games.  The season begins September 10th and there is a $125 fee to join.  Space is on a first come first serve basis so sign up early if you want to participate.  Tackle football teams start in 3rd/4th grade and again are made up by what grade the child is in, max age is 14.  Fee for tackle football is $225.

CCV Stars is a very organized sports league and is held on well-maintained fields.  The coaches and volunteers are required to go through an interview process and background screening so you can rest assured your kids are in safe hands.  Safety on and off the field is taken very seriously, and behavior of both children and adults is expected to be respectful and courteous to others at all times.  If you are looking for a great environment for your children to get involved in sports you may want to check out the CCV Stars. CCV is a fabulous organization right in the neighborhood of Glendale Homes for Sale.


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