Glendale Homes for Sale- Tips for Getting Kids Organized for School

The kiddos have gone back to school! Let’s try to hold in your excitement parents! With heading back to class in the Glendale Homes for Sale area, kids may feel a little overwhelmed and getting organized may help with the stress of school.  Here are some tips that can make the transition a bit easier on everyone.

Allow for plenty of time in the morning.  Feeling rushed puts stress on everyone, even kids.  If you plan to give yourself enough time to do all of your morning routines you will have a much more pleasant experience.  Making lunch the night before, laying out clothes, packing your school bag, and putting everything you’ll need to take with you by the door will ensure that you aren’t scrambling around for things at the last minute.

Make a to-do list for the day or even the week.  If you write it all down you are less likely to forget something that must get done that week.  Homework assignments with their due date and after school schedules even the shopping list.  All of these things are easier to remember when you can see them written down.  Have a central place in your home where everyone can see it so you are all the same page and cross off as things get done or happen.

Make doing homework part of the new routine.  No one liked doing homework as kids and our kids are no different however if you make it the same deal everyday they will know what to expect.  Perhaps coming home, having a light snack and a half hour to unwind is a great way to transition into homework.  Having a designated spot in the home that is free from distractions will help too.  Some kids may like to get it done right away and then have the evening to relax and play games, find what works for you and your kids.

Don’t bombard your child with too much.  We tend to, in this day and age, put our kids in every activity under the sun.  Think how you feel when you have too much to do between your work and taking care of the family.  Well your child will feel the same way, their job is school and the after school activities, while fun may be too much.  Try to find the activity your child just loves is passionate about and just can’t wait to do.  Focus on that and not 3 different things.  Perhaps some activities are seasonal and when one ends you can pick up another but use good judgment, you know what your child can handle within reason and check in with them.  See if they still enjoy their activities, ask if they are feeling stressed.  Sometimes children just want to please us and won’t speak up without prompting from you.

Lastly, get them to eat well balanced meals and get a good night’s sleep.  I know it is hard to cook a great meal when we are running here there and everywhere. Maybe get a slow cooker, find some great recipes on line.  Throw some fruit in a bowl and have it ready to grab for a quick snack.  Make a consistent time for bed each night and make sure there are no cell phones or ipads in their room!  And by the way many of these tips are great for the parents too!

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