New In Town- 10 Things NOT To Do When New To The Desert

New In Town- 10 Things NOT To Do When New To The Desert

So you say you’re new to the Valley of the Sun, well join the millions of transplants that already live here. Chances are you came from somewhere in the country with seasons, well we don’t really have seasons here so that is your first adjustment, but here are some big no no’s when it comes to living here.

1.  Don’t think that just because it is a dry heat that it’s not hot or you don’t need to drink fluids.  You must hydrate yourself, regularly!  Take a bottle of water out with you, stop and grab a soda, iced tea anything.  Just drink!

2.  So you go to step in the shower and didn’t really look before getting in, and oops stepped on a scorpion. OUCH!  Well lesson learned, you moved to their territory and they have been here millions of years before you.  They are not going anywhere so, look before stepping!

3.  Out for a hike, and you hear a weird rattle sound coming from just off the path.  No it’s not a baby hanging out; you just encountered another creature that has been around way before you moved to town, the rattlesnake!  So step lightly when on the trails around town and always be listening and looking.

4.  Heading out for work for the day and left your a/c on full blast while you were gone.  Well that first electric bill will have you reeling if you keep doing that.  Adjust the temp. while you are gone, program it if you can to cool back down say the hour before you get home.  It can save you hundreds of dollars.

5.  Driving home along the I-10 and all of a sudden you can’t see but a foot in front of you, well you just encountered your first haboob or dust storm.  You need to pull off the road if you can safely but DO NOT leave your foot on the brake, drivers behind you will think they are following you not realizing you have stopped your car.

6.  Monsoon season is a bit different than your normal rain storm, if you are driving and come across a flooded roadway, DO NOT try to cross it.  We have what is called the stupid motorist law, if you need to be rescued you will be fined…heavily for being a… well you get the gist.

7.  DO NOT leave your pets, children, food, chocolate or anything you do not want to perish in your car….children and pets being the most important in this scenario. The heat in your car can be deadly even just a few minutes is not worth any risk.

8.  If you think you won’t get sunburned in the “off season” here think again.  Just because the weather cools down from November-April the sun can still burn so wear your sunscreen.

9.  Do not expect to drive up to a gas station and have someone come out and pump your gas, it just doesn’t exist out here….sorry all you New Jersey folks!

10. Lastly do not keep your old winter clothes thinking you’ll wear them someday, the heavy winter coat, and those boots that are so cute.  They will collect dust, unless you plan on venturing to a ski vacation spot yearly. They are just taking up closet space.

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