Many of us living in the Valley of the Sun are transplants from other parts of the country.  I don’t know about you but trying to grow a lush green garden out here has been let’s just say difficult.  Being from back East I am not used to the different plants and trees that will flourish out here.  Let’s face it we all weren't born with a green thumb and we want our Glendale Homes for Sale home to look beautiful, so here are some tips for living in the Sonoran Desert.

There are so many fabulous reasons to live in the Glendale Homes for Sale area.  To try to narrow it down to just 10 may be a challenge but I will do my best. 1. Every year Glendale holds the annual Chocolate Affaire in downtown Glendale.  This chocolate lovers dream takes place in February and you can delight from various food booths that boast everything chocolate.  From cheesecake to chocolate pizza and everything in between.  Who wouldn’t love this! 2.  We are home for the Arizona Cardinals and the University of Phoenix Stadium.  Not to mention we are the host city for the 2015 Superbowl.....enough said!

The kiddos have gone back to school! Let’s try to hold in your excitement parents! With heading back to class in the Glendale Homes for Sale area, kids may feel a little overwhelmed and getting organized may help with the stress of school.  Here are some tips that can make the transition a bit easier on everyone. Allow for plenty of time in the morning.  Feeling rushed puts stress on everyone, even kids.  If you plan to give yourself enough time to do all of your morning routines you will have a much more pleasant experience.  Making lunch the night before, laying out clothes, packing your school bag, and putting everything you’ll need to take with you by the door will ensure that you aren’t scrambling around for things at the last minute.

We all have extremely busy lives between work, shuttling the kids around for activities, and our daily errands we sometimes forget how important it is to reconnect with the ones we love.  Living in the Glendale Homes for Sale area there are so many great options for a great date night out with our loved ones. If you have never been to The Melting Pot you really should experience it at least once.  It is a great intimate restaurant where you can spend a nice leisurely dinner without feeling like you have to eat and get out.  Located at 59th Avenue and the Loop 101, this romantic restaurant is a great place to spend time with your significant other and actually have a conversation, sip some wine, and dip into some great fondue.

We all like to head out of town to relax and enjoy ourselves.  The last thing you want to do while away is stress about the security of your home and everything you love that is inside of it.  Living in the safest areas like Glendale Homes for Sale will provide some sense of security but let’s be realistic, crime can happen anywhere!  Here are some tips to keeping your home safe. 1.  Hire a house or pet sitter.  Having someone come in your home on a regular basis while you are away is a great way to deter crime.  They will pick up newspapers in the driveway or packages left on your door step, turn on lights or off, bring in the garbage cans and if you have a pet take care of them too.  It leaves the illusion that you are home or at the very least someone is coming in and out at varying times.  This option can be a little costly but may be well worth it.

Living in the Greater Phoenix and the Glendale Homes For Sale areas you will find that the housing market has gone through some major peaks and valleys.  Many potential buyers out there are looking for investment properties rather than a home that they themselves will be living in.  Some investors are looking to flip a property in hopes that they will make some quick cash and perhaps reinvest in another flip.  Others are looking more long term when investing in real estate.  Here are some key things to consider before you venture into your first real estate investment property.

There are so many reasons to live in the beautiful city of Glendale Homes for Sale area.  There are so many gorgeous neighborhoods that make up this great area on the West side of town it is hard to narrow it down to just 10 but here we go. 1.  The selection of different style homes and types of neighborhoods are amazing.  You could live in home with beautiful golf course views or a lake front home in the Arrowhead Ranch area.  If you prefer gorgeous mountain views you could check out Westwing Mountain or Sonoran Mountain and the Stetson Valley area. 2.  Location, Location, Location!  The Glendale Homes for Sale area is centrally located in the valley that getting to any place is just a short drive. 3.  Shopping choices are amazing!  Arrowhead Towne Center, The Shops at Norterra, and so many in between you never have to drive too far to find what you are looking for.  The outlets will be opening soon at Westgate City Center and then there are the outlets at Anthem just a short drive away.

I would say one of the hardest decisions a parent has to make is who you are going to entrust your child with all day.  There are so many options and types of day care out there and you really need to do your homework and find the right fit for you and your child.  Living in the Glendale Homes for Sale area we are fortunate that we have many options so close to us. Located in the heart of the Glendale Homes for Sale area is the Phoenix Children’s Academy, at the corner of 39th Avenue and Happy Valley Road.  This is not only a day care facility but a pre-school too.  Phoenix Children’s Academy takes kids from 6 weeks of age to 12 years (before/after school program) but the majority of the care is for the 2-5 year olds.  With the capacity for 193 children and hours from 6:00am-6:30pm kids are put in more classroom settings rather than a day care environment.  Each age group has a structured day of learning with time for rest, outdoor play and meals too!  You have the flexibility here to have your child attend for 1/2 days or full days and the cost depends on the age and time frame you need.

If you live in Arizona and are sending your child to school for the first time you may realize that you have choices, lots of choices.  It can be overwhelming; I myself being from back east am amazed that you have a choice other than the school located within the boundaries of your home.  Living in the Glendale Homes for Sale area there are so many choices of public, charter, and private schools. One of the charter schools in the area is called Candeo.  Located in the northwest part of town at Lake Pleasant Pkwy and W. Calle Lejos, this K-6 school started in 2008 and has been a success ever since.  With an excelling ranking and about 432 students in attendance Candeo centers its teaching principles on ten Core Knowledge approach to learning. 

Q: What was the hottest temperature ever recorded in Arizona? It was 128 degrees in Lake Havasu City on June 29, 1994 Did you know that it takes 50-100 years before a Saguaro Cactus grows an “arm?” Q: Why doesn’t Arizona practice daylight savings time? We did try daylight savings time in the Glendale Homes for Sale area and the rest of Arizona back in 1967, however no one liked the sun setting after 9:00pm in the summer months so we switched back to Standard Time, along with Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa and believe it or not parts of Indiana.